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For Friends & Peers

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You might be the most influential person in their life. You don’t want to lose your friend to prescription drug abuse, do you?

It Might Be Awkward…

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.47.02 PMThey confide in you. They trust you. You just might hold the key to saving their life.

Friends are on the front lines of prescription drug abusers. If you think prescription drug abuse won’t affect your relationship with your friends, thing again.

… But You Might Save Their Life.

When your friend becomes addicted to prescription drugs, their life changes. Their priorities change. Their relationships change.

They might choose to abuse drugs rather than spending quality time with friends or doing other activities that they enjoy.

Prescription drug abuse can destroy relationships. Don’t let them destroy yours. If you suspect your friend of abusing prescription drugs, encourage them to seek help from a parent, a counselor, or another trusted adult. You might not know what to do, but there are people who can guide you and your friends to healthy living and relationships.

Check out our resource section for people who can help today.

What can I do for my friends? Click here for info.